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Further Makaton Training

The Makaton Signing for Babies training is designed for families, carers and child-care workers to use with babies and young children.

Participants may have no experience of Makaton or of signing for babies, or they may already be using Makaton or have an interest in signing and want the opportunity to meet others. There is no particular age range specified for babies and young children, as children vary in their developmental milestones, particularly if they have any special needs.

Experience has also shown that, right up to school age, children particularly enjoy signing and will also enjoy many of the other activities suggested in the training. The best stage for a baby to attend the Sessions with his or her parents or carers seems to be when he or she can sit supported, that is, from about 6 months. Between about 1 year and 18 months babies are more interested in gross motor skills, like standing, crawling and walking, than in sitting, watching, listening and communicating. But their interest often returns after this.

More Information

For details of training workshops, including Makaton Signing for Babies and Makaton resources or help and advice on what to do next, please contact us.

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Makaton training available

The following Makaton training is available:

Makaton for Parents and Carers

Beginners' Workshop
Follow-Up Workshop

Makaton for Professionals

Foundation Workshop
Enhancement Workshop

Makaton Signing for Babies

Makaton Tutor Training

Makaton Signing for Babies Trainer
Makaton Local Tutor
Makaton Regional Tutor

Taster Sessions

If you are not sure whether Makaton training is for you, try a Makaton Taster Session! These short sessions are designed for people who are interested in finding out about Makaton and deciding whether or not to attend Makaton training.

The Taster gives you a general introduction into what Makaton is and who uses it, with the opportunity to learn a few signs and symbols too!

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